So Pawsome Doctor originally started as a way for me to make new friends outside of work. However, somewhere along the way, it became something more. Now, with a direct line into thousands of people’s lives, I think it is important that I know and you know what I am all about.



First and foremost, I am cheesy and corny and I love to brighten peoples day. So I promise to always try to make you laugh and smile (so long as it appropriate because if it’s like a sad story about a patient or something, I can hardly crack a cheesy grin with a thumbs up because that would be #TotesInapprops! Also, question… did #TotesInapprops make you giggle?).



Well, this one is kind of a given. I have made my career about animals. It’s my jam. My fulltime job is working as a veterinarian, treating sick and injured animals. I am also a very vocal advocate for animals because they cannot advocate for themselves. So I promise to continue my own education and training so that my patients receive the best care possible and also so that I can be the best advocate for all creatures, great and small, to the best of my knowledge and ability.


Inclusivity and Equality

I am an out and proud gay man. I am very fortunate that I have never truly been discriminated against for this fact. However, being part of a marginalised community has made me very aware of how discrimination pervades all societies and all groups, whether it’s because you are female or black or transgendered or gay. So I promise to be an advocate for inclusivity and equality on all issues whether it is tackling racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia because discrimination is still discrimination.


Mental Health

I have suffered from mental health issues my whole life. Over time, I have come to understand the importance of self-care and healthy life choices in dealing with this. Exercise, friends, healthy eating, meditation and so many more things have all contributed to better mental health for me. So I promise to be an advocate for good mental health practices as well as help reduce the stigma around mental health issues.



We all know, social media is the highlights reel of our lives and the same is true for me. So while I have my good days, I also have my bad days. I have days I just can’t get out of bed or I don’t make it to the gym or I ate the entire tub of ice cream. So I promise to be honest and show the good and the bad and not take myself or this too seriously at the same time.



We all know that people now earn money through social media and I am no different. I have already worked with a number of companies. First, I promise I will always be very particular about the companies that I collaborate with. Already, for every collaboration I have agreed to, I have turned down 2 or 3 because I did not think they were right for me or you. I promise that If you ever see me working with a company, it will always be something I would spend my own money on too. Second, I promise to always make it very clear, when content is sponsored such as using #ad or #spon clearly in the caption and not buried deep in the hashtags.