Welcome to PawsomeDoctor.com !

I’m an Emergency Vet, living and working Perth, Australia but I am originally from Dublin, Ireland where I graduated from the UCD Veterinary School in Dublin. I also volunteer as a Wildlife Vet.



I fell into my job working in the rapidly growing field of veterinary emergency and critical care by accident but I absolutely love it! The variety and challenges each case brings are incredible. Whether dealing with a crashing patient, a dog that just won’t stop vomiting or consoling parents when their fur babies are really sick, no two days are ever the same.

I similarly fell into Wildlife medicine when a falcon came into the Emergency centre one night and I had no idea what I was doing. I managed to stabilise it overnight after a quick dash to the textbooks and managed to get it to the vets at the zoo the following day. That was when I realised I wanted to know more about and do more for wildlife.


I set up this blog to share some of my musings on all things to do with animals. As you can probably gather, it’s kinda my thing! I write about everything from places to go and things to do with your pets as well as some cool medicine and interesting ethical debates.

Whilst I hope everyone can learn a bit from this blog, I can’t emphasise it enough, if you are ever worried about an animal, whether your pet or wildlife, please contact your nearest veterinary clinic or after hours service. For legal reasons, I can not diagnose or give individual medical advice over social media.

Thanks again for looking!

Dr Oisín (AKA Pawsome Doctor)