Welcome to PawsomeDoctor.com !

I’m an Emergency Vet, living and working Perth, Australia but I am originally from Dublin, Ireland where I graduated from the UCD Veterinary School in Dublin in 2016.

I fell into my first job by accident as an emergency vet at Perth Vet Emergency (PVE), an emergency centre servicing the northern suburbs of Perth. Working there, I was first exposed to the rapidly growing field of veterinary emergency and critical care (ECC) and I absolutely loved it! The variety and challenges each case brings, is incredible. Whether dealing with a crashing patient, a dog that just won’t stop vomiting, or consoling parents when their fur babies are really sick, no two days are ever the same.

During my time at PVE, I also had a very unnerving run in with a falcon that was brought in after being hit by a car. This very much highlighted my limited knowledge of bird and wildlife medicine, which prompted me to start volunteering part-time at Native Animal Rescue (NAR). There I had exposure to a wide variety of birds, reptiles and mammals. And truthfully, while I’ve learnt so much during my time there, I also know, I have barely scratched the surface of what there is to know.

Then after working at PVE for 2 years, I moved to Western Australian Veterinary Emergency and Speciality (WAVES). Whilst I was sad to leave PVE, the move was an important step in my career. At WAVES, I had access to a bigger hospital with more equipment, as well as multiple specialists in many different disciplines, including medicine, surgery and imaging. The complexity of the cases I was dealing with and the clinical support to navigate these cases from specialists, really furthered my learning and without which, I doubt I would have gotten into my newest position.

I am now currently back at University, working as the ECC intern at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University, Perth. My role includes working in the veterinary hospital; teaching and supervising final year vet students; whilst also being taught and supervised by the residents and specialists; and working towards my Graduate Diploma of Education (Tertiary and Workplace).

Planning for the future, I hope to start my ECC residency training next year, hopefully at Murdoch University as well. With a bit of luck and fair-wind, over the next 3 to 4 years, I will also have my Masters in Veterinary Sciences and my specialist qualifications in veterinary emergency and critical care (DACVECC). Beyond that… well, first things first.

I set up this page a long time ago… well, because somebody told my that I should. It’s become a place where I share some of my animal and non-animal related ramblings from time to time, to help educate people and sometimes offer a different perspective. Having said that, if you are ever worried about an animal, whether your pet or wildlife, please contact your nearest veterinary clinic or after hours service. For legal reasons, I can not diagnose or give individual medical advice over social media.

Thanks again for looking!

Dr Oisín (AKA Pawsome Doctor)