Oliver’s grandparents have come ALL the way over from Ireland for a visit to meet their Grandcat for the very first time … Seeing their son was an accidental bonus! So of course, they wanted to come out on one of his little adventures so to go somewhere different, we went into Wellington Square for the afternoon and grabbed some coffee and lunch at Cravings beforehand.

The first thing that jumped out at us about Cravings was the cafe itself. It’s a gorgeous little, rustic cafe on 129 Royal Street, with plenty of outdoor seating on the veranda for those of us with pets, as well as plenty of trees, umbrella’s and canopies to provide plenty of shade in the summer heat for our little furry friends. While my Dad and I got comfortable outside with Oliver, my Mum headed in and ordered us a round of coffees and sandwiches. Oliver was more than happy having a wander around all the while. The coffee was delicious and the food hit just the right spot as it was simple and tasty. I never actually caught his name but the owner himself served us our food and coffees. He was very chatty and sociable, not just with us but everyone there. Honestly, I walked away feeling like one of their regular customers, and that’s probably their trick for getting people back again and again.

After we had our food, we walked around the corner to Wellington Square to take in a bit of sunshine and enjoy one of the many urban parks Perth has to offer. I have a great memory of Wellington Square as this was the same square that one of the Marriage Equality Rally’s took place. One of my friend’s Jordan Bruno, who worked so hard throughout the whole campaign, he gave a moving speech about what it meant to him for Marriage Equality with his mother standing beside him. And it makes me so happy to see Australia follow in Ireland’s footsteps and that all his hard work and many others work paid off. Now, that same wonderful man is representing Australia at the Mr Gay World! Honestly, we could not ask for a better advocate for our community.

Today will be another wonderful memory for me of a much simpler nature as my parents, Oliver and I got to go for a lovely walk through the park. In a good way, there really is not much to say about this. We walked around a bit, with Oliver on my shoulders for some of it and on the ground for some of it. Sometimes we were in the shade and sometimes we were in the sun. My dad took one photo of me and my mum which I have been forbidden from putting on social media, mainly because my mum’s hat is mostly obscuring her face. We chatted about life back in Ireland and what everyone is up to these days. We chatted about life here in Australia and what I am up to these days. It wasn’t anything exciting but it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and just chat.

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