Australia Day Skyworks

So Christmas and New Years are finally over, which means Australia Day is just around the corner, next Friday, 26th January and of course that means City of Perth’s infamous Australia Day Skyworks.  Unfortunately, I’ll be working this year but I have always loved watching any Fireworks display and the City of Perth are making this the largest Australia Day celebration in the country! So be sure to head down, not just for the fireworks but Langley Park’s Entertainment Zone and the Birak Concert at the Supreme Court Gardens or get the best seats in the place, up at Kings Park. As much as we might love a good fireworks display, our little furry friends are not always such big fans of the noise and flashing lights of the show and I’m pretty sure an eye mask and earplugs isn’t going to work for most pets! So here are some tips of mine on how best to look after the kids while you head out to enjoy the show.

The first tip is super simple but often forgotten. Just close the curtains or blinds. This helps minimise the impact that the flashing has on our pets. For an even further effect, you can also turn on the lights around the house.


There can also be a lot of loud bangs from the fireworks going off. So turn on the radio or put on a movie. This will help drown out the noise of the fireworks. And if you have the TV on, the moving light from the TV will also help minimise the impact of any flashes that sneak in through the cracks in the curtains or blinds. Of course, I’ll be popping on Oliver’s and my favorite film!


And last but not least, if you know your pet gets really anxious with all the commotion, pay a visit to your local vet or pop into me on the night. For really stressed animals, there are medications that we can give to help relieve their anxiety. Different drugs have different side effects though, so we will always need to assess your pet first to make sure we prescribe the safest medication. This is why none of them are over-the-counter medications.


But now that you have your furbaby settled in for the night, feel free to head out, relax and enjoy the shows!


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