Langley Park


To say that I lead a hectic life would be a gross understatement. Between a full-time job, volunteer work, this blog, making time for friends here in Australia, as well as time to talk to friends and family back home, it sometimes get’s overwhelming. However, whenever I come home, Oliver always comes and greets me at the door and our little excursions out of the house together have become the calm inside the storm and it is always so nice to see him out and about, exploring the world with me. So today, I brought us into Langley Park down by the North Shore and had a little rest and relaxation, just the two of us, grabbing a coffee and a muffin from Maid Marrion’s, just facing the park on Terrace Road.

We headed down to the river-front first and attempted to park ourselves on the waterfront but Oliver really was not a fan! I haven’t tried him with water yet, but I think it was more the wind that was getting to him so we moved back a little onto the grass and he was happy wandering around in the shade of some trees. He was rearing to go so that lasted just long enough for me to finish my muffin, and take my coffee with me.

We headed back over to the main park area, where they were getting set up for Western Australia’s Symphony Orchestra’s free open-air concert this Saturday, 16th December. I’ll be working, unfortunately, but if you’re interested, check it out!

We had a nice wander around ourselves, taking in the Perth City Skyline from a different perspective. As beautiful as it is from down here, King’s Park is still my favorite view! Honestly, this park is much bigger and longer than I had realised and would be perfect to throw a ball with a dog, just please be mindful of the traffic. We pretty much had the place to ourselves though, so Oliver went exploring.


At one point, I thought to have a little lie-down and take in some sunshine, and of course, Oliver came in for the kill… Kill me with his scratchy, tongue kisses! However, that again didn’t last long as he was off at it again and looking to wander around.


So wander we did, honestly, it’s the most walking I’ve seen Oliver do since we have started these trips. He was constantly sniffing at the leaves and the feathers all around the park. He was surprisingly at ease for a cat in a large open-air park. I actually felt like I was walking a dog for a change. Eventually, though, he was clearly pooped, so I took the signal and home we went. And once again, I have a very happy cat, snoozing on the sofa behind me as I am typing away. Mission accomplished.


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