Urban Orchard


Truthfully, I’ve been super busy lately and I haven’t had as much time for my favourite man, Oliver, the past few weeks. So it was my day off today and one look out the window told us, it was a good one! So I bundled us into the car, and off we went! I had also heard somewhere along the way that there was catnip actually growing in the Urban Orchard in the city centre so the destination was set.

There are loads of options for coffee and food in the surrounds of the Urban Orchard, including Picabar, Polly Coffee Bar and Livingstone’s Urban Jungle. We decided to start with Livingstone’s but we’ll be coming back to try the others for sure. Now Livingstone’s is opposite the WA Art Gallery and claim to be in the top 20 coffee’s in Perth and top 5 bagels in Perth so I decided to put that to the test. After a look through the menu, I went for the French Connection … honestly, I stopped reading what was in it as soon as I saw brie. I also got myself a cappuccino. Of course with a name like Oisin, ordering coffee can sometimes be a pain, but Oliver was kind enough to give his name, for simplicities sake. While, we were waiting, I couldn’t help notice the lovely outdoor seating area as well with plenty of shade, which will come in handy in the summer heat. Orders up! Onto the Urban Orchard!


I hadn’t realised how much actual seating there was around the park. I found us a nice spot, with an umbrella for plenty of shade and dug in. Lets just say the food and coffee didn’t last long and Livingstone definitely earned it’s spot amongst the best in Perth. Oliver was chomping at the bit for a wander so up we went!

One of the first things that really hit me about the Urban Orchard was the smells! I was not expecting such a variety of scents. Oliver was also very appreciative of the all the stimulation, poking his nose in everywhere. We hopped from patch to patch, taking in each set of flowers, trees and shrubs. Of course Oliver managed to find some nettles and I had to pull him out before he stung himself (or myself if I had to get him out!). It wasn’t until after that I found out, that was actually the catnip and they just look a lot alike … who knew! Poor guy missed out on the best bit. We both still had a ball, and it wasn’t long before he just lay down in a nice spot, as if to tell me “I’m tired Dad, let’s go home!” Now, we’re home and he is napping on top of the sofa while I write this. Mission accomplished. Seriously love my boy.


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