Summer Nights and Christmas Lights

I was gutted that I missed the launch of The City at Christmas last Friday, but I still had to bring the kid into the City to see the Christmas Light Trail (let’s be honest, the kid isn’t Oliver… It’s me…). And we weren’t disappointed!

IMG_20171120_205040-01We started in the CBD on Murray Street at the Giant Bauble. Of course, we had to get a picture taken inside it and we were definitely not the only ones. There were so many people out walking the trail, getting their photo taken in the Giant Bauble. I was actually really surprised how civilised everyone was, we were all clearly getting into the Christmas Spirit. Walking along the Murray street after, we got to enjoy all the other lights, including The  City Christmas Tree further up on Murray Street and The Christmas Constellation on Forrest Place.

Hay Street was probably mine and Oliver’s combined favourite street. All the lamp posts have gorgeous decoractions on them and there are also (P)awesome (yes… I just went there…) Giant Candles all along the street. Oliver had a lot of fun perched up there as it was a perfect look out point for him, and I enjoyed the photo opportunity of my handsome man.

From there we went down Barrack Street to St Georges Terrace. Truthfully, we nearly didn’t bother going East on St Georges Terrace as there was only a little bit of the trail down that way. I am so glad we did though! You can’t see it from the street unless, your right in front of it but Cathedral Square has been turned into a huge, bright screen and has a gorgeous, vibrant animation showing on it’s walls. Honestly, pictures or video don’t do it justice. It has to be seen to believed. There were so many people, ourselves included, around it, just watching the story play out. This was probably my favourite stop. This would make for an very special, night time picnic spot.

We then walked down George’s Terrace to Brookfield place to the Christmas Tree installation there. This was easily Oliver’s favourite installation (go figure … a cat that loves a Christmas tree!). This little nugget was squirreled away, in the centre of Brookfield place and there wasn’t anyone around so I let Oliver off the lead to have a wander, but only after he promised me that he wouldn’t climb the tree! And like a good little boy, he just darted in and around it and had an absolute Christmas ball of a time. We were here quite late at this stage but there are so many eateries around the square, that I am sure this would be a lovely spot to grab a coffee or a bite to eat earlier in the evening. I will have to add that to my Perth to-do-list.

As it was starting to get a bit late though, we finally decided to head home but we only got through about half of the trail! And we didn’t even get to see the offerings in Northbridge. We will definitely have to make another trip to see the rest of it. Especially as Northbridge has the likes of Ezra Pound, Pica Bar, Frisk and many more Pet Friendly bars and cafes.

I couldn’t help but drive home through Northbridge though, just for a sneak peek. Everything was absolutely gorgeous and when we saw the Christmas Lights Tunnel, we had to stop for a quick look. Turned out there was even an incredible pair of buskers playing there. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash to throw in their case, but I did promise them a shout out (You can find them at Blake Byrne Music on Facebook! Seriously, check them out, awesome acoustics) as well as a few pats with Oliver as thank you for the tunes. At this point though, we had definitely more than our fill, we headed home.


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