Farm Boys

So Oliver went to the farm today . And I don’t mean The Good Farm that all good pets go to, I mean an actual farm. Perth City Farm.

City Farm is a little nugget of gold, squirrelled away in East Perth between a car park and a train station that you would easily miss unless you knew that it was there. It started in the early 90’s as a volunteer initiative, converting an old industrial scrap metal yard into a beautiful, functional, ethical, inner city farm promoting PEACE (Permaculture & the environment, Education, Arts, Community & personal growth, and Enterprise). They also have City Farm Cafe onsite serving fantastic food and drinks, made from some of the farms own produce.

The cafe really has a fantastic menu, with something for everyone’s taste and appetite. It was still early morning and in typical Oisín fashion, I was running late. That meant I had yet to have breakfast so I couldn’t help myself when I saw the eggs with cheddar and chives on toast and a lovely coffee. My friend Sam opted for a Buddha bowl and a green tea. There were plenty of more substantial options though, whether you are after a steak sandwich or The Plough Man’s Plate, which I was really impressed included free range ham.

Of course, whilst we chowed down, Oliver got a lot of attention as well. Now, why wouldn’t he. Who doesn’t love an adorable cat, frolicking in a garden, chasing butterflies. Even still, four different staff specifically came over to see him and give him cuddles and multiple guests were fascinated with him too. Even still, this wasn’t that out of the ordinary for the City Farm. I was talking to Carly, one of the waitresses, who had originally answered the phone when I called to ask if it was okay to bring pets. She picked up that I hadn’t said dogs at the time, and said she was curious who was going to bring what new animal into the cafe. Apparently, Oliver isn’t the most unusual pet they have had come in though as there is another gentleman who often brings his Parrot in on his shoulder. Now, that is something even I would  love to see.


After our food, we went for a leisurely stroll around the grounds. The place isn’t massive but well worth the stroll. There was plenty to see, between the flower beds, nursery, herbs, vegetables and even a few chickens. We may have been naughty and stole a strawberry as well and I would do it again. The main building, The Barn, which is available for events, is also stunning. What used to be one of the scrap yards processing buildings, has been covered in stunning graffiti style art, which wonderfully compliments the hippy vibes to this place. The highlight of our wanderings though were the many chicken coops who actually produce the eggs for the cafe. Always nice to see happy, well cared for, chickens in open air coops.

There is also a farmers market on Saturday mornings. I haven’t been down for that yet, but I will definitely be making a visit. They sell a lot of the farm’s own produce then so if you want some fresh veggies for you Sunday cook up, look no farther. There are other local vendors there as well. All the other vendors are also part of the environmentally minded culture, selling free-range animal products, ethically and organic clothing, homemade soaps and many other things.


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