That pretty much sums up my reaction when I arrived at the Hounds Day Out in the Supreme Court Gardens, beside Elizabeth Quay, last Sunday. It was made even better by the fact that it was a fund-raiser for Greyhound Adoptions WA. They are a fantastic charity, which helps rehome former Greyhound racers to their very own fur-ever homes. It was not just a day for Greyhounds though as many people brought their own pooches, along with their stories.

Our first encounter was with Kevin! It was a few minutes before I spotted his little brother-from-another-mother Jerry though. He’s itsy bitsy so hard to see standing in Kevin’s shadow. This unlikely duo are both 3 years old and even have their very own Instagram page @Kevin_and_Jerry_Go_Large and YouTube channel. They were having an absolute blast, showing off their Dad’s Canadian pride, rocking homemade Vancover Icehockey, The Canucks bandanas.

Then there was Tess and Tex, two gorgeous Greyhounds that had been rehomed through Greyhound adoptions. They were sporting their very own rugs. These were even made specially for them by a lovely woman down in Busselton, through Greyhound Adoptions WA. Not everyone would know, but some greyhounds have fragile skin and their skin can easily split from a small bang so the extra layers can really help. Tess was in the beautiful butterflies and Tex sporting his Star Wars rug. Tex also suffers from anxiety and also had a compression body wrap on, which can massively help with stress for dogs. Truthfully, Tex was so relaxed, I wouldn’t even have been able to tell.

IMG_20170917_104701_1-01Next on the menu was Heineken and Corona, and I am not talking about the drinks. These two Dalmations had the cutest story. As some may know, Dalmations sometimes suffer from hereditary deafness. This problem has mostly been bred out but does still occur from time to time. Adam and Jess specifically adopt deaf dalmations to give them the best chance at a happy life. They always have one hearing dog at least though. This means that when they are all out adventuring together, they can call the hearing one and the others will follow. So at the moment, they have Corona who is the hearing aid and Heineken who is deaf, as well as two more deaf dalmations at home. The plot further thickens and they are also sledding dogs! And Heineken is currently ranked number two in Western Australia. I wasn’t even aware that sledding was a thing outside of Alaska. You learn something new everyday.

Is your little furry friend getting a little parched? Well, there are some new kids on the block then. Bone Appetite Treat Co., are the one and only vendors of Imported, Belgian Doggie Beer here in Western Australia. Yes, you read that correctly. Imported. Belgian. Doggie. Beer. So if you want to enjoy a cold brew with your little furry pal this Summer, these are the guys to get in touch with. Their beers come in beef and chicken flavour to be especially appetising to our four-legged friends. But what they don’t tell you, is that it’s not exclusively for dogs! Its made from products that are safe for human consumption and I got a bottle of chicken flavor for my little ginger feline, Oliver, to try and he was lapping it up.


There were so many other vendors there though, whether it was Houndstooth Studio, award winning pet photographer; Woof Meow Tweet Squeak offering goodies for pets and a wide array of pet care services North of the river; For All Our Pets offering a huge selection of pet products including custom fitted pet harness, to ensure you have the most comfortable fit.

IMG_20170917_105656-01It was just as I was wrapping up for the day that I of course met the handsome Chief. This friendly, handsome fawn Greyhound is currently looking for his furever home. If it wasn’t for little Oliver at home, I would probably have snatched him up in a heart beat. But if you’re interested, please be sure to get in touch with Greyhound Adoptions WA.

So be sure to keep your eye’s peeled for pet friendly events in Perth, they are more common than you realise! While this is a annual event, there is a weekly event that is going to give me a run for my money next week.

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