Family Lunch

It’s been a little over a year since I arrived in Perth, which also means it has been a year since meeting my Aussie Bestie Meggi! Going from work mates, to surf buddies, to roomies, it’s been an amazing year with plenty of ups and downs. There have been heartbreaking moments like when we had to say goodbye to our beloved Ella. There have been funny moments like when she called me out, at a full staff meeting, for not cleaning the dishes at home. So no better way to reflect on a crazy year than with a family day out. So we packed up the fur-babies and headed down to Elizabeth Quay.


First stop was lunch at Isle of Voyage, where we were greeted by a very surprised waitress Jessica, who had never seen a cat at the restaurant before. Pets are gladly welcomed in all the outdoor areas though so there was no trouble, just surprise. We picked somewhere to sit in their gorgeous outdoor patio, with a bit of shade for Chazzy and Oliver. A cappuccino for myself and green sencha tea for Meg, whilst we enjoyed the scenery and browsed the menu. With so much to choose, from light snacks to pizzas, it was hard to decide. In the end, I went with the Oven Roasted Potato and Lemon Gnocchi and Meg went for the Harvest Bowl. Neither of us were disappointed as they were absolutely delicious. Truthfully, the most delicious thing they were serving though is the view and that’s something you are not going to get elsewhere. So it was nice to sit back, enjoy the food, the company and the views.

After our lovely lunch, we decided to go for a stroll around the area, take in some sunshine and have a peek over at the Spanada (the hoops fixture in Elizabeth Quay for those of you as confused as Meg was!). In all my time in Perth, I actually had never gotten up close to it. Of course, that is why I had never discovered Gusto Gelato either! I was blown away by the selection of ice-creams, gelato and sorbet with plenty of dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly options. Even Oliver enjoyed a couple of licks of my Ginger Beer and Lime (he knows Ginger is the best).

IMG_20170913_153757-01We then just relaxed on the green beside the waterfront and enjoyed our cones whilst Oliver was fascinated by the seagulls and Chazzy was fascinated by what was left of our cones. It is still entertaining to see and hear people’s reactions to a cat on a lead, so there was plenty of entertainment for us around the Esplanade. Watching him walk up to strangers for a pat or just chill out and groom himself, I’m blessed with a very socialable, relaxed cat who loves these excursions. But at last, our cones long since gone, we took another leisurely stroll back to the car, through the Supreme Court Gardens. Until next time, you’ve been beautiful Elizabeth.




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