The Pound

He meows when I’m trying to sleep. He scatters his litter everywhere. He makes a mess when he’s eating. My shoulders are scratched to hell because he insists on climbing up there. That’s it. I have had enough. I had to take Oliver to the Pound, Ezra Pound.


There is a sign for it over an alleyway, on William Street, across the road from the theatre. We walk down the lane to a nice outdoor seating area, with old school picnic benches, great for sitting around with a group of friends, having a few drinks. There is also some trendy, graffiti style art work on the walls. It was not at all what I expected. There were no animals locked behind bars, looking sad and lost.

I couldn’t see anywhere to order drinks outside so I hesitantly poked my head through the door. I was not expecting animals to be allowed in the building but to my surprise, I was warmly invited in with Oliver perched on my shoulder. Turns out that animals are allowed anywhere on the premises except for behind the bar… Damn it… I was hoping he’d get left out in the cold.

Looking around the place, it’s got an edgy look to it. Inspired by an American prohibition era speakeasy, it has a very rustic, rough feel. They even have a chesterfield, brown leather sofa. I’ve always wanted one of them in my house. Oliver also had a good look around too. He seem to be very happy with his inspection of everything from the doorknob down before settling in on the sofa for the afternoon.

Having a look at the menu, it was simple, just what you would expect in a speakeasy. But don’t worry, they have smuggled in the best drinks for us. There are eight cocktails, numbered one through eight so there are no weird and wonderful names for me to butcher with my Irish accent. I was torn between Number 1 and Number 3. Upon the bar man’s advice, I opted for number 3, a more refreshing, fruity, Jim Beam bourbon concoction. rather than the more wintry Makers Mark bourbon mix. There are options other than just bourbon, but whiskey makes me happy. There was also a nice selection of wines on the menu and you need to have a look behind the bar to see whatever ales and ciders they have. All my favourites are there from craft breweries, like Perth based brewers Feral Brewing Co. and Perth Local as well as many more. Then so long as it’s just your stomach that is growling, there is a great selection of bar snacks on site and food from No Mafia next door.

So after a few drinks, and some food, I was getting myself ready to go. I was all set to say my goodbyes to Oliver. Then I realised, this place was too good for him. I couldn’t leave him at this Pound. He would be far too happy here. I guess I’ll just have to bring him home and keep looking for somewhere else.


189 William Street,
Williams Lane
West Australia 6000

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