Spring Has Sprung


We have all heard the expression, “Spring has Sprung”. In Ireland, where I am from, it means something a little different from the rest of the world. It means the worst of the constant winter rain has finally passed. It means we go from the rain clouds icon on the weather forecast, to the other rain clouds icon with the little sunshine peaking out. It means we start hanging the clothes outside to dry so long as there is someone home to bring them in once it starts raining again. It also means we start venturing outside a bit more again. However, I feel like this expression isn’t really needed in Australia where the winter rain is less of a constant and it is still possible to have beach days during winter. Never-the-less, we are still in Winter and I feel like Spring has Sprung so my Irish bones are telling me to go venture outside again.

And there is no better outing than my favourite place in Perth. I brought my parents here when they visited. I brought my friend Simon here too. I brought my friend Lynette here as well and she was even on crutches at the time, which is a whole other story. And I always bring the dogs. Of course, this is the beautiful King’s Park.

I’ve seen the Perth City Skyline from so many places now. Whether that is Doubleview, Southbank, Rottnest, the Airport, or even just driving on the freeway. It never fails to take my breath away, especially around sunset when the sun hits off the sides of all the buildings in gorgeous reds and oranges. Of all the places to see the Perth City Skyline, King’s Park is by far my favourite. In the heart of the city, you have a real chance to get up close and personal with the buildings, whether that’s my favourite building, Brookfield Place (also known as BHP Billiton) or looking down into Elizabeth Quay and seeing the Spanda or the Bell Tower. I honestly think Perth has a highly under-rated skyline.

I also love how there are always plenty of dogs in King’s Park. Just casually walking around the Botanical Gardens, we met the Big Boxer Obi. His mum, Petah, was using the gorgeous surroundings to get some photographs for her business, Dingo Dyeworks, producing artisan dyed Australian wool (don’t worry Mum, I will be ordering you some for Christmas). All the while, Obi just casually laid out and enjoyed the sunshine. Then there was also the Handsome Little Billy. He was enjoying all the smells and scents of the park whilst walking around with his parents, Rosalie and George, who were very proud to tell me how well travelled he is. I realised from talking to them that the little guy has seen even more of Australia than me.
If you’re looking for a bite to eat beyond a picnic basket, there are also plenty of options. For fine dining, look no further than Fraser’s with an amazing menu and a gorgeous setting. The Botanical Cafe is also lovely, with plenty of outdoor seating for our furry friends as well. I even saw little Billy, perched in his fathers lap, while Rosalie and George enjoyed their lunch. I might have had a little food envy for George’s burger as well, and I’m pretty sure Little Billy did too.



There really is no shortage of things to see and do in King’s Park. Whether it’s the Botanical Gardens for the horticultural enthusiast or Aspects of Kings Park and the Aboriginal Art Gallery  to get your fill of Australian artwork or just enjoying the native bird life, both their songs and their beauty. I still have so much to get through myself. My next trip to King’s Park is already planned, and I’ll be taking on Jacob’s ladder for the first time. Wish me luck!



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